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Quality Outcomes

Maine Medical Partners – Orthopedics & Sports Medicine strives to be open, transparent, and accountable. We feel that it is important to share information about the quality and safety of our services. This allows patients, their families, and the community at-large to make better-informed decisions about health care. Our nationally recognized surgeons have spent their careers refining the details of the entire process, understanding that it is the quality of each procedure that defines this process.

Maine Medical Partners – Orthopedics & Sports Medicine is committed to the continuous assessment of our performance, through rigorous data collection and comparison to national standards of excellence. The charts and information below tell that story.

Joint Replacement Outcomes

Using a full year of statistics, our joint replacement team has published the latest MMP – Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Quality Outcomes Report. To learn more about our exceptional quality for joint replacement procedures, please click here (PDF).

How Far is Our Reach?

The providers who make up our orthopedics joint replacement team are synonymous with quality and excellence. Patients come to Maine from all over the United States because they know that they'll be in good hands, and the results show it.

Your Care During Surgery

At Maine Medical Partners Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, our focus is you. We are a national leader in using transfusions only when absolutely necessary. The data reported here represents the lowest rate of blood transfusion for joint replacement patients that we know of in the United States.

Discharge Location

Getting patients back to their families and loved ones is a priority for Maine Medical Partners – Orthopedics & Sports Medicine because our team understands that patients recover better in the comfort of their own home. Our commitment shows in the data.

Complications & Readmissions

The public now has access to unprecedented data around the quality of joint replacement procedures, making decisions easier. Our complication and readmission rates are lower than any other hospital or private practice in northern New England.

Return To Work

Not only does MMP – Orthopedics & Sports Medicine believe it's important to get you home, where you can continue to recover around family and loved ones, but we also understand that patients are looking forward to a return to work. Our joint replacement procedures have you back to work sooner, no matter what your career.