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Dr. Bigosinski Travels with U.S. Cross Country Ski Team

Krystian Bigosinski, M.D.

FEBRUARY 2015 – Volunteering as a physician for the US Cross Country Ski Team for the past 3 winters has given me an incredible opportunity to work with some of the top Nordic skiing athletes and coaches in the world. This February, I joined the team during a high altitude train camp in Davos, Switzerland. I was impressed at how well the coaches mixed-up the athletes’ work-outs, helping to not only prevent overuse injuries but mental fatigue as well. Too often, I see athletes burn out, or get injured due to not varying their exercise activities enough, and my week with the team served as a great reminder of the importance of keeping things fresh at all levels of sports. Being an avid cross country skier and cyclist myself, I greatly enjoy caring for endurance athletes of all ages and abilities.